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Dean's Message

In the name of Allah the merciful the compassionate on him is my confidence and on him I rely and peace and blessings be upon our prophet and upon his family and his companions and his followers.

As yet,

My dear brothers, I begin by thanking you for your care to visit the web site of our .....

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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds and peace and blessings be upon the most honored prophet and messenger and upon his family and all of his companions,

Among the preoccupations and care of our wise government to the information technology sector and the support to its institutions and to meet the challenges imposed by the needs of  ....

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Vice-Dean of Development Message

 The administration

Among the duties of the vice-deanship for quality and development is the direct supervision of laying down plans to ensure the quality of the faculty academic level and to improve it according to the goals and the policies of the education sector, .......

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